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Are Global Healing Circles open to people of all faiths, religious or spiritual practices, or none at all?

Yes, all are welcome to participate in Global Healing Circles.

Does one need to prepare before coming to a Global Healing Circle?

No special preparation is necessary to participate in a Global Healing Circle, though open hearts and/or minds can enrich the experience for the individual.

Who is doing the healing?

It is our belief that all healing is done by the Creator (aka God, Spirit, the Universe).

Why do the Global Healing Circles have suggested exchanges (cost) to participate?

To offset the costs in creating the Circles, to honor the gift of time the presenters in creating and sharing the events, and because we believe in the universal principle of exchange.

What if people cannot afford the suggested exchange?

The presenter of the Circle will often allow flexibility as to the amount of the exchange, or may be open to a non-financial exchange of volunteer time or other gift.

Can I host a Global Healing Circle?

Yes, most anyone can host a Global Healing Circle. Please click on the link below to discuss possible dates and times, your location, and the approximate costs for such event, which generally include travel cost for the presenter(s), and an honoring exchange for the gift of their time and services.

Can people become Global Healing Circle presenters?

Yes, in two ways. The first is that, depending on experience and interest, hosts are often invited to participate in the Global Healing Circle experience(s) they host. Secondly, Global Healing Circles intends to begin offering a program in 2014 to train people to become presenters. Please click on the link below to inquire further about either of these opportunities
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