The Global Healing Circle Experience

Global Healing Circles are group experiences individually created and shared to assist each individual in achieving healing of the body, mind, spirit and relationships they desire in their lives.

The Circles begin with the leader or co-leaders introducing themselves, and briefly familiarizing those in attendance with the format and approximate time frame of the Circle.

We then invite participants to experience a few minutes of quiet reflection, with a focus on the awareness of our breathing.

When this aspect is complete, the common components of most Circles include:

  • The leader(s) sharing messages they have received prior to or during the gathering with the group

  • A Q&A session is opened up in which participants are invited to ask questions that are important to the healing(s) they desire to experience. The leader(s) intent is to also maintain a primary focus on the healing they seek as well.

  • When this aspect of the Circle is complete, we take a brief break before continuing to make sure all are comfortable.

  • When the participants have reassembled, the Healing Circle is created by forming a circular connection in which the participants hold the hands of those sitting next to them.

  • The leader(s) then begin a gently guided meditation as the Healing Circle continues, during which time the participants remain comfortable and quiet.

  • When the meditation aspect of the Healing Circle is complete, the circular connection is completed as well. The guests are invited to remain comfortable, and those that wish to share reflections of their experience are welcome to do so. The leader(s) also welcome additional questions once the sharing experience is complete.

  • It is common for individuals to visit for a while after the Circle is complete