Meet Erik Swenson, the Founder of Global Healing Circles

Global Healing Circles were created by Erik Swenson with the simple goal of making powerful natural healing opportunities available to people throughout the world.

      Erik is a lifelong resident of the Northern United States that lives life with passion, joy and genuine enthusiasm, balanced with an inner peace, profound groundedness, and especially strong sense of connection.

      Erik grew up as the son of a Minister, and spent over 40 years deeply immersed in the western faith he had grown up in. He felt a closeness with the Creator since he was a child, Erik touched the lives of many during this aspect of his life, and he continues to hold a warm place in his heart for all who choose to witness (celebrate) their love for the Creator in this manner.

      Erik’s personal journey has continued to unfold in the most beautiful of ways. Occurrences in the 1980’s opened the door to Erik learning the natural healing practices of Reiki. Years later Erik studied to become a practitioner of Reconnective Healing, he was blessed to celebrate the healing of John of God in Brazil, and he today senses the healing energies he shares to be a combination of aspects of each of these, as well as approaching a decade of experiences travelling throughout the world to places with rich indigenous heritages that included natural healing practices.

      For years Erik felt a gentle, yet ever growing tug within him to begin to offer the Healing Circles he was so vividly seeing and feeling inside of him, he began doing so in 2012, and less than two years later, Erik is continuing to follow the feelings that continue to guide him. This includes changing the name of the Circles to Global Healing Circles in 2014, and to begin making them available to people throughout the world.

      Erik is grateful for the endless opportunities that arise in his life to share joy and love and light with the world, he looks forward to the opportunity to do so through providing Global Healing Circles in places near and far, and he invites you to click on the link below to discuss how to set one or more up near you.