I came away from the Global healing Circle filled with new hope, joy, and new energy knowing I can change my stories to ones filled with abundance, love and happiness.

Erik, you have a way of sharing so clearly what I need to hear at just the right moment and with such heartfelt love.

I felt so supported, cared for, and listened to at the Healing Circle, and everytime I get the pleasure of sharing with you it fills my heart with joy.

Erik, you truly are blessed with a gift of understanding and I'm so grateful for the opportunities I have to be guided by your words of wisdom and sharing. Thank you.

I love how open, light, and loved I feel after experiencing the healing energies that come from the Global Healing Circles.

So much gratitude to you Erik for sharing your honesty, openness, and happiness with me which gives me that much more desire to share my own. Thank You

I just wanted to put forth that this morning I woke up saying thank you, thank you, thank you for the gift of the circle last night. To feel that kind of unconditional love, to feel empowered, to internalize all that beautiful and energy is just beyond words.

There's a lot going on in my life with my health, with my finances, with the house with the health of family, just all the things of life throws at us. Now to have a safe, positive place to go and people who can help remind us to be grounded and remember the gratitude and love that is such a gift.

Some days, I get wrapped up in this story as we spoke of last evening, but I know there are people out there, and I know there are places within myself and with others where I can re-center and come back to gratitude and love. These lessons are hard, but they don't seem nearly as daunting when you have a community of wonderful people to share that with. So this morning I want to express my profound gratitude and abundant love for you, and for eagerly taking me in to your Circle and helping me to come back to myself, to see that I am worthy of my own love.

The point of all this is to express my gratitude and love to you for hosting this amazing experience, showcasing your unconditional love and gratitude, and to tell you that even in a few hours, I feel I have met some close, dear friends that will be with me on my journey for the time in which we can help feed one another's souls This is an amazing path, I can't wait to see the next steps unfold.

I just want to let you know, that I am sooo grateful for your hearts and compassion... for your giving of light. It has definitely made a difference in My life.

I cannot thank you enough. You are truly gifted. From the very center of my heart, I send you all the Love, Gratitude & the sincerest Appreciation possible.