The Healing Process

The circles are rooted in the beliefs that:

  • The human body has virtually limitless abilities to heal

  • Bringing this awareness to people opens the door for them to experience the healing that is optimal for them

  • Global Healing Circles are intended to create an environment for healing to take place

      The Healing Circles are beautiful, sacred experiences in which joy, peace and unconditional love are shared with participants in a group environment. The group messages often provide an insight that is timely and especially helpful to many of the participants, the Q & A session allows people to receive insights on specific topics that are important to them, and the Healing Circles assist each person experiencing the healing that is optimal for them to receive.


To provide expanded awareness the foundation of belief underpinning Global Healing Circles is that the human body can heal itself. As such, the Circles are not providing the healing, rather the introduction of the perspective that people can be healed of issues of the body, mind spirit or relationships, and a loving and caring experience and environment in which healing of One’s self can take place. We respect each person’s individual journey, we believe each person’s healing journey is unique, and for each person to determine on their own. Based upon this, we do not have any opinions or suggest any changes relative to any actions or guidance they may currently be receiving or contemplating. This includes, but is not limited to medical, psychological, or whatever other professional assistance they wish to seek, or believe to be appropriate, for we believe that is up to each individual to decide for themselves.